Transportation Technical Committee (TTC)

The Transportation Technical Committee, or TTC, is composed of 21 professionals from multiple of state, regional, and local agencies. The group meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 1:00 pm and the public is welcome to attend; there is always an opportunity for public comments. 

The purpose of the TTC is:
•  To provide a technical planning and engineering perspective on behalf of member agencies
•  To provide a forum for regional coordination among its member agencies
•  To provide input on the programming of projects, the development of plans and policies impacting the regional transportation system
•  Other activities as directed by the SRTC Board of Directors

2022 TTC Members

City of Airway Heights – HEATHER TRAUTMAN
City of Cheney – BRET LUCAS
City of Deer Park – ROGER KRIEGER*
City of Liberty Lake – DAVID WILLIAMS
City of Spokane – INGA NOTE (Chair)
City of Spokane – KEVIN PICANCO
City of Spokane – COLIN QUINN-HURST
City of Spokane Valley – ADAM JACKSON
City of Spokane Valley – JERREMY CLARK
Kalispel Tribe of Indians – JULIA WHITFORD
Spokane County – BRANDI COLYAR
Spokane County – BARRY GREENE
Spokane County – JAMI  HAYES

Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency – APRIL WESTBY
Spokane Regional Health District – CINDY GREEN
Spokane Transit Authority – KARL OTTERSTROM
Spokane Transit Authority – MATT KENNEY
Spokane Tribe of Indians – MARIA CULLOOYAH
WSDOT-East – CHAR KAY (Vice-Chair)
*representing small cities/towns

2021 TTC Packets & Minutes
2020 TTC Packets & Minutes

2020 TTC Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Packets

2020 TTC Meeting ScheduleMeeting AgendaApproved MinutesComplete Packet
JanuaryNo MeetingNo MeetingNo Meeting
February 26Feb 2020 AgendaFeb 2020 MinutesFeb 2020 Packet
March 25 Mar 2020 AgendaMar 2020 MinutesMar 2020 Packet
April 22No MeetingNo MeetingNo Meeting
May 27May 2020 AgendaMay 2020 MinutesMay 2020 Packet
June 24Jun 2020 AgendaJun 2020 MinutesJun 2020 Packet
July 22Jul 2020 TTC AgendaJul 2020 MinutesJul 2020 TTC Packet
August 26Aug 2020 AgendaAug 2020 MinutesAug 2020 Packet
September 23Sep 2020 AgendaSep 2020 MinutesSep 2020 Packet
October 28Oct 2020 AgendaOct 2020 MinutesOct 2020 Packet
November 18No MeetingNo MeetingNo Meeting
December 16Dec 2020 Packet

For TTC minutes or meeting materials prior to 2020, please contact SRTC at 509.343.6370 or at

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