The 2022 Household Travel Survey used a modern research approach to collect demographic and travel pattern information from residents throughout SRTC’s planning area. The effort originally aimed to collect data from 1,500 households, resulting in a 0.7% target sample rate (based on the 2015–2019 ACS). The survey collected data from 1,953 households (1.0% sample rate), surpassing the target by approximately 30%.

 To achieve that rate, the survey combined multiple data collection methods, including smartphone, online, and telephone. While 53% of households completed their travel diaries by smartphone, 91% of all trips were collected by smartphone due to the extended travel period from the smartphone app (up to 7 days) compared with the single-day online reporting. The survey design included two stages to recruit and collect data about households, their members, and their travel behaviors during the assigned travel period.

The survey collected data from 3,879 persons, representing 34,627 trips across 9,397 complete person-days from 2/10/22 to 4/5/22.

The final report is available for more information on the survey’s sampling plan, survey design, branding and communication, participant support, dataset preparation, expansion and weighting, and results. Click the image below to view the report.

* For a Word version of this document, please email or call (509) 343-6370.


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