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This study has identified 26 transportation projects that, when implemented, will improve safety and mobility in the study area, and accommodate some of the needs of planned development. This strategy will serve as a source of potential projects that can be included in regional planning efforts, such as the SRTC Horizon 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and similar efforts by project stakeholders including the Washington State Department of Transportation, the City of Spokane, Spokane County, and Spokane Transit Authority. Scroll down to view the final study materials and references.

The final report for the US 195/I-90 Transportation Study was adopted by the Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) Board on December 9, 2021.

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Executive Summary

Click the image to the right to view the US 195/I-90 Transportation Study Executive Summary and the list of recommended projects.

The Executive Summary presents an overview of the technical analysis and findings for the US 195/I-90 Transportation Study. This includes an overview of how each study goal is advanced by the 26 recommended projects and a timeline for implementation.

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Cover for the US 195/I-90 Transportation Final Report

Final Report

Click the image to the left for the US 195/I-90 Transportation Study final report.

The US 195/I-90 Transportation Study Final Report documents the technical findings for existing and future conditions and the benefits of the projects recommended as part of this study. The final report also documents the community engagement completed and additional scenarios evaluated to inform long-range planning in the Spokane region.

Other Important Documents

Project Goals

Throughout this study, these goals were used to identify projects and solutions that most align with the challenges this study was initiated to address.

Read the Project Goals Here

Existing Conditions Report

This report documents traffic volume data collected and analyzed to understand how well the transportation system operates and how people traveled in the study area at the time of the project.

Read the Existing Conditions Report Here

2040 Baseline Conditions

This report document’s locations where the current* transportation system cannot accommodate the expected growth and served as a baseline for comparison when identifying the benefits of mobility improvements being evaluated as part of this study.

Read the 2040 Baseline Conditions Here

*At the time of the study.
Market Analysis

This document summarizes the market analysis and development forecast for land use growth expected to occur over the next 20 years in the study area.

Read the Market Analysis Here

Key Projects Cost Estimates & Concepts

Planning level concepts and cost-estimates were completed for all key projects to confirm construction of these projects is feasible and to provide cost information that can be used to allocate funding to continue to predict development for these projects.

Read the Key Projects Cost Estimates & Concepts Here

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