2021 Interlocal Agreement2021-06Agency
SRTC Federal Certification Report2020-01Agency
TMA Certification Transmittal2020-01Agency
Organizational Chart2023-08Agency
SFY 2024-2025 Unified Planning Work Program2023-06Agency
CY 2023 Budget2022-10Agency
CY 2023 Indirect Cost Plan2022-10Agency
Equity Planning Framework2022.12Agency
Title VI Plan2021-11Agency
Public Participation Plan2021-12Agency
Strategic Plan2017-12Agency
Procurement Manual2014Agency
Staff Directory2022-10Agency
2023 Board & Committee Meeting DatesAgency
2021 Financial Statements & Federal Single Audit Report2022-08Agency
2021 Accountability Audit Report2022-08Agency
2023 Board of Directors Members2023-01Board of Directors
2023 Unified List of Regional Transportation Priorities2023-01Board of Directors
SRTC Rules of Procedure2022-10Board of Directors
Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan2022-11Transportation Planning
Metropolitan Transportation Plan - Horizon20452021-12Transportation Planning
DivisionConnects Vision & Implementation Strategy Phase 2 Report2022-07Transportation Planning
DivisionConnects Study Phase 12021-05Transportation Planning
Congestion Management Process2014-12Transportation Planning
2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program2022-10Transportation Planning
2022 TIP Obligation Report2022-03Transportation Planning
2023 TIP Guidebook2022-11Transportation Planning
US 195/I-90 Transportation Study Final Report2021-12Transportation Planning
2022 Spokane Regional Transportation Study Final Report2022-11Transportation Planning
Spokane Region ITS Architecture2019-11Transportation Planning
Plan Review & Certification Process Instruction Manual2015-09Transportation Planning
SRTC Safe & Complete Streets Policy2013-01Transportation Planning
Transp. Advisory Committee Resolution & Bylaws2022-01Transportation Advisory Committee
Transp Technical Committee Resolution & Bylaws2022-06Transportation Technical Committee
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