Public Involvement

SRTC staff at a public event

A major consideration at SRTC is keeping members of the public informed of the agency’s activities. SRTC uses its website, social media accounts, media connections, and other methods to provide opportunities for the public to be involved in the transportation planning process.

In addition, staff works with stakeholders such as public agencies, freight shippers, private transportation providers, public transit users, pedestrians, bicyclists, people with disabilities and others to spread the word about SRTC projects and to solicit public input.

SRTC also uses methods such as surveys, flyers, interactive maps, newsletters, and email campaigns to reach out to the public. For more information on SRTC’s outreach efforts and methods, the Public Participation Plan (PPP) guides the “tools,” resources and approaches used in public engagement to ensure early and continuous public involvement in major actions and decisions.

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