Congestion Management Process

The Congestion Management Process (CMP) identifies Spokane’s most congested roadways, develops strategies to reduce congestion or keep it from getting worse and for tracks progress toward those efforts. This helps the region to prioritize transportation investments in order to manage congestion. The CMP can be viewed at the link below. To read the report and it’s appendices in a Word document format, please email or call (509) 343-6370.

Congestion Management Process (CMP) Report

CMP Appendix A– CMP Corridor Profiles
CMP Appendix B– CMP Performance Measure Analysis
CMP Appendix C– CMP Toolkit Strategies
CMP Appendix D– Tier One Corridor Strategies

Journal of Congestion Management Process image

For more information on the development of the Congestion Management Process, check out the Congestion Management Process map journal above. It explains congestion, area corridors studied for this process, current conditions on those corridors, performance measures developed to measure progress towards managing congestion, and more.

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