2018 Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan Update

The 2018 CPT-HSTP update must meet state and federal requirements for human services transportation coordination. The update will include the following elements.

  • Outreach and discussions with service providers and transit users to coordinate and diagnose special transportation needs, including service to rural areas.
  • Demographic data, location of people with special transportation needs, their common trip origins and destinations, and existing transportation services available.
  • Identification of technology-based solutions to aid the planning and delivery of services.
  • Description of public transportation needs / gaps in service and strategies to meet those needs.
  • Identification of community project priorities.
  • Coordination with local emergency management agencies and transportation providers to ensure disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

Draft CPT-HSTP Document

SRTC, in coordination with Spokane Transit Authority (STA), will be updating the Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan (CPT-HSTP) during 2018.

The intent of the CPT-HSTP is to address special transportation service needs, particularly for persons with disabilities, older adults, youth, and individuals with limited incomes within and traveling to Spokane County. For more information, and to provide input, see the public comment section at the bottom of this page.

Public Comment

Your input on the transportation needs for people with disabilities, low income individuals, the young and elderly is important to us. Contact SRTC to let us know your thoughts so they can be incorporated into the 2018 Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan Update.

 In particular, we would like feedback on these issues:

  • How does transportation or lack of transportation affect you?
  • What transportation services are needed in Spokane County?
  • Are there gaps in service / lack of accessible transportation? (please provide specific examples)
  • What are the places you general need to get to? (specific services, geographic areas, other)
  • What transportation methods currently work for you?

To comment or ask questions:

Email:                                                         Phone:                                                     Mail:
contact.srtc@srtc.org                       (509) 343-6370                                421 W Riverside Ave Suite 500, Spokane WA 99201



2014  Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan

Coordinated-Human-Services-Plan-2014* was developed in collaboration with the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) to improve transportation services for persons with disabilities, older adults, and individuals with lower incomes in Spokane County.

The HSTP provides guidance to aid communities, social service agencies and service providers in coordinating transportation resources through multiple federal programs. Coordination enhances transportation access, minimizes duplication of services, and facilitates the most appropriate cost effective transportation possible with available resources.

Click the link above to view the HSTP.

* For a Word version of this document, please email contact.srtc@srtc.org or call (509) 343-6370.