The DivisionConnects study is working towards its conclusion in Spring 2022. Final items to deliver include profiles of land use opportunities and conceptual design of active transportation projects that support walking and rolling in the corridor. Design of the Division bus rapid transit line will continue through a preliminary engineering process, led by Spokane Transit. 

The Future of Division Street

DivisionConnects is a transportation and land use study about Division Street and what it means to Spokane and Spokane County. The first phase of the study has been completed, and a preferred alternative for bus transit has been identified. The second phase of the study will refine transportation options, particularly for those walking and rolling through the corridor. The second phase will also focus on land use opportunities.

Community Involvement

This is a collaborative effort between multiple agencies, including SRTC, Spokane Transit, WSDOT, City of Spokane, and Spokane County. We hope you join in to envision the future of this vital transportation corridor. General questions or comments can be emailed to The study process will run for two years; 2020 through early 2022.


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