A Community Conversation

This is the start of a longer community conversation about Division Street and what it means to Spokane and Spokane County. We hope you join in to envision the future of this vital transportation corridor. You can start by completing the community survey located in the “Get Involved/Community Events” box below or click here: DivisionConnects Community Survey

The Future of Division Street

How will people move along and across the corridor? How does transit operate along Division Street, and what are the key destinations along the corridor it serves? How do people live, shop, eat, and work along the corridor? These are questions the study is interested in exploring

Project Partners

This is a collaborative effort between multiple agencies, including SRTC, Spokane Transit, WSDOT, City of Spokane and Spokane County. How are the agencies going to engage with the public on this project? DivisionConnects is just kicking off its public engagement, and a short survey is currently available on this website. In the meantime, the project team is developing appropriate measures to connect with people during this time where we’ve all been asked to maintain social distance. Questions or comments can be emailed to divisionconnects@srtc.org.

Get Involved/Upcoming Events

Please complete the community survey by clicking the link below:
DivisionConnects Community Survey

Share Your Thoughts

Project Manager Jason Lien
Email: divisionconnects@srtc.org
Phone: 509.343.6385

Project Timeline


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