The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) wants you to know that paint striping will start in our area very soon. Every year, plowing, studded tires, sand and weather take their toll on the lines painted on our roadways. Once the weather gets to be a consistent 50 degrees or more (I think we’re there!), crews will start to repain 4,000 lane miles of state routes. Work starts around Spokane then moves north and south as far as the Canadian Border on the north to the Snake River on the South to Idaho on the east and the Ferry/Lincoln/Adams county lines on the west.

The WSDOT Eastern Region (our region) has a single striping truck/crew and it takes the full summer and fall to visit all the lanes miles in the region. As a result some northern areas may not see the striping activity until late summer and or even fall.

The crew applies an average of 85,000 gallons of paint a year. In addition, separate crews work to re-establish intersection markings.

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