I-90/Eastbound Monroe St. On- Ramp- Continuing through Friday,
April 22, the eastbound I-90/Monroe Street On Ramp will be closed for storm water pipe installation. This
closure will be in effect 24 hours per day. traffic is directed to the Division/Browne on ramp via a signed detour.


Street Sweeping- April 18-21, Eloika Lake Rd.; Montgomery Rd. and Cedar Rd. by Eloika
Lake will be swept, as well as various roads in the Liberty Lake and Otis Orchards areas.
roads in Otis Orchards area.

Street (Parksmith to Farwell)-
Road closed with a detour in place for sewer and fiber optic installation and road rehabilitation.
Terre Ave, Evergreen Rd, 41st- 
of sewer and a water force main and full width road reconstruction. Construction is expected to last into July.
at the Rail Road crossing (off of SR904)-
A detour is in place so crews can install
track panel across Mullinix, crossing pads and replace the concrete. Mullinix is completed closed until April 17.

Indiana Parkway from Desmet Court to Steen Parkway– Closed through Thursday, June 16 at 5 p.m. for utility
work. Signs redirect traffic via Mission Parkway.

Southbound Sullivan Road Bridge across the Spokane River- Closed until Summer 2016 for bridge demolition and replacement work:

  • Traffic remains reduced to one lane northbound and two
    lanes southbound. 
  • Northbound traffic is restricted to vehicles ten feet
    wide or less.  Oversized vehicles should use Barker Road or
    Pines Road as alternatives. 
  • Turns from Indiana Avenue onto northbound Sullivan Road
    are reduced to one lane. 
  • Expect construction vehicles and flaggers in the work
    area weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  
  • The Centennial Trail below the bridge is
    as of Saturday, April 16 at 11:00am. 
  • The Spokane River between the Old Mission
    Avenue trail/river access and 500 feet downstream (west) of the Sullivan
    Bridge remains closed until further notice
    for safety reasons due
    to high river levels and partially submerged obstructions in the river.
1ST Avenue from Erie Street to Altamont Street- Remaining
work on this project has resumed on 1st Avenue from Helena to
Altamont Street. This project is a
pavement preservation project with ADA ramps, striping, and pavement work.
Addison/Standard Bicycle/Pedestrian Corridor from Buckeye to Holland- Work
to install signs and striping layout has begun on Lincoln and
Standard heading north to Magnesium. This work will be for sidewalk and
driveway installation. This
project will complete a major bicycle and pedestrian corridor. It will
add new bike lanes and sidewalks along the entire corridor and make
improvements to existing bike lanes.
Bridge Avenue and Monroe Street Combined Sewer Overflow- Work begins Monday, April 18. This project will construct
a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and the necessary piping for the Cleaner River Faster Program.
Bridge Inspection Work- Freya Way Bridge will be inspected on April 19, 9 a.m. to 3
p.m.   Lane restrictions will occur starting south bound with the
curb lane then moving to the north bound curb lane.
Hartson Avenue from Altamont Street to Fiske Street- Work
has begun between Smith Street and Altamont Street.  Access is limited. This
project includes full depth roadway reconstruction, filling sidewalk
gaps, replacing curbing where needed and installing ADA curb ramps. The project will
also include replacement of water lines.
Havana Street Improvement from Glenrose Road to 37th Avenue- This project includes permeable bike
lanes, swales and roadside restoration. Improvements
include full width pavement replacement, completing sidewalk gaps and pilot
project porous asphalt bicycle lanes.
High Drive and Hatch Road Combined Sewer Overflow- 43rd
Avenue is closed from Scott to Garfield Street.This
project will construct a storage facility at 43rd
Avenue and Garfield Street. This work is part of the Combined Sewer Overflow
program for a Cleaner River Faster Integrated Approach to Street Repair. 
Indiana Avenue from Dakota to Perry Street- The
water department is conducting pre-construction work along this project. Indiana will have temporary closures at times with a detour route during this
scheduled work. This
project will include curb ramps, storm swales, new curb, waterline replacement,
signal installation work and some parking removal.
Monroe/Lincoln Street Couplet, 8th Avenue to 2nd Avenue- Work on Monroe Street from 4th Ave. south to 8th Ave. has begun.  Monroe Street is closed.
The on ramp for eastbound traffic at Monroe will be closed April
11 – 22 for pipe installation work.
o   Traffic exiting Maple
Street eastbound will be detoured off of 4th at Jefferson Street.
o   The alternative route
during the Lincoln Monroe Project is the converted two-way traffic on
Lincoln. This is for local access and access to businesses. 
o   The official detour
route is Stevens and is clearly marked
o   Alternative routes are
not clearly marked as they are local and business access routes
o   Due to some work in 4th
Ave at the start of the project Lincoln will be inaccessible from Monroe on 4th
during the first few weeks.  
o   During that phase,
Lincoln will be accessible via 3rd to Wall then back from the east
on either 4th or 5th.  This will be during the work
in the Monroe/4th intersection and 4th Ave. which should
last about 3 weeks. 
This project reconstructs the roadway from 8th to 2nd
Avenue and installs storm water and water facilities.  The portion of this
project that reconstructed the street from 2nd to 4th
Avenues is substantially complete.
Northwest Boulevard and Columbia Circle Combined Sewer Overflow- This project includes the installation of a 900,000 gallon tank. New water
mains will be added at H Street, Glass Avenue and Columbia Circle these lines
will be connected to the new main along Columbia Circle. Columbia Circle, H
Street and Glass Avenue will be repaved and sidewalk repairs will happen in
select areas. Many driveways will be replaced to match the new street grade.
Pettet Drive/TJ Meenach Combined Sewer Overflow Project- Pettit
Drive under TJ Meenach Bridge is closed for initial work on the combined sewer
overflow tank project that is scheduled in that area.The Centennial
Trail is open.The
traffic control plans are as follows:
  • Northbound
    traffic entering the project on Pettet Dr. will be detoured to northbound TJ
    Meenach Dr. (This is the only movement allowed)
  • Eastbound traffic entering the project on Downriver Dr. will be detoured to
    southbound TJ Meenach Dr. (This is the only movement allowed)
  • Northbound
    traffic entering the project on TJ Meenach will be forced to continue north on
    TJ Meenach Dr. (The portion of the clover leaf that allows traffic to access
    Pettet Dr. and Downriver Dr. will be closed)
  • Southbound
    traffic entering the project on TJ Meenach will be allowed to proceed south on
    TJ Meenach or proceed west on Downriver Dr. (Access to southbound Pettet will
    not be allowed)

Qualchan Force Main on Meadowlane Replacement Project- Work
on this project has begun and will last approximately 30 days. Meadowlane
is restricted to one lane. 
Golf Course entrance will also be restricted to one lane for approximately one
project will install an iron force main from Hwy 195 to Qualchan Park
Rowan Avenue Improvements fromn Driscoll Boulevard to Alberta Street- Rowan Avenue is closed from Driscoll Boulevard to “A” St. This closure will last approximately through May.
Rowan will be closed from Alberta Street to Monroe Street
beginning April 18.  The intersection of Alberta, Belt, Ash, and Maple will remain
open to north and southbound traffic. This project is for reconstruction work from Driscoll Blvd. to
Monroe Street. The project also includes installation of bike lanes, filling
sidewalk gaps and replacing water lines.
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