Spokesman-Review Letters To The Editor
Worst on ramp ever

I’ve read that the Washington Department of Transportation will be receiving federal stimulus money, and I have a suggestion for a much needed freeway project. The population in southwestern Spokane has increased greatly in the past few years and Highway 195 is our only real option when travelling downtown, to the north side or to the Valley. Where Highway 195 intersects Interstate 90 is the most dangerous on-ramp situation that I have ever seen.

The merge is immediate. There are not even a few yards of a dedicated lane for easing into 60 mph traffic. I cannot think of another on ramp where you are sometimes forced to go from a complete stop to 60 mph.

When the road resurfacing project was in progress last year, this spot had barrels prohibiting eastbound drivers from accessing this far-right lane, and the merge was safe and seamless. Last week there was an accident at this precise spot and traffic was backed up for miles on both 195 and I-90.

Please consider a longer merge lane, reinstalling the barrels, or signage requesting eastbound drivers to move left for merging traffic. It could save a life.

Rose Kelly Rhoades

So what do you think? Do you agree with Ms. Rhoades? I’ve never had trouble with that merge-point, but the only time I’ve actually used that on-ramp is late at night coming home from a friend’s house off of 195, and there’s never any traffic at that time of night.

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