Jay Z- Coming to a highway near you?

Here’s a quote from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood I never thought I’d see; “Whether you want to hear Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre rock the mic on a Long Beach frontage road or a rousing program from the Boston Symphony Orchestra across six lanes of I-90, we have something for everyone.”

Don’t get excited, it’s just a spoof by satirist the Onion saying the U.S. Department of Transportation is staging “Traffic Jam 2013,” a new highway concert series that will feature popular musical acts performing for passing motorists on America’s shoulder lanes, median dividers, and overpasses.

With base ticket prices starting at $55 though, maybe we should give it a try? That could fund a lot of highway maintenance and construction. Here’s the story if you want to see what other artists you could check out on the road if we lived in the Onion’s world.

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