I had a pretty heavy-duty meeting this morning, so wasn’t able to attend, but Spokane Mayor Mary Verner and Dave Holmes of Avista Utilities this morning unveiled a new electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot just north of Spokane City Hall.

The charging station is one of three installed this week in Spokane. Other stations are located at the Steam Plant Grill and Avista’s headquarters on East Mission.

As the cost of fuel and pressure to lessen dependence on oil increases, consumers are adopting more alternative modes of transportation. Electric/gas hybrid vehicles are now available to the public, and later this year the first mass produced electric vehicles will be available.

With widespread adoption of alternative transportation will come demand for energy to power these vehicles. While charging will be completed at home, the availability of public stations will help eliminate the “range anxiety” of electric transportation.

Blogger Mandy said in an earlier post that she had noticed the one at the Steam Plant Grill but was disapointed to see that the car parked in front of it was not electric. She also asked how many charging stations are in Spokane. So far I know of the three mentioned above, one at STCU in Liberty Lake, and allegedly at all area Panda Express locations (I need to check on those). Do you know of any others?

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