Motorized vehicles are the number one killer of young people aged 5-34. And despite the outcry and all the efforts to make vehicles safer, the access to cell phone cameras and video suggest that America’s roads are more dangerous than ever for our children. And while many of the poor choices America makes involving children may be extreme (strapping a gas can in a child seat while the actual child sits next to it, not buckeled in, etc.) some other choices that appear to be for the best of the children (moving to the suburbs to put them in better schools, driving them to school instead of making them walk) could end up being just as harmful in the long run.

DC Streetblog asks what makes you a ‘good’ parent? How many miles you put on your car shuttling the children, the vehicle you drive, or something else? It’s an interesting premise, that we can actually keep our kids safer by possibly keeping them out of cars more often.

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