Kids, don’t drive under the influence of bears. That’s what the Minnesota State Patrol is saying about operating vehicles in costume this Halloween season.

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, a motorcyclist wearing a panda suit while driving on the freeway was recently cited for reckless driving and- oh no!- his panda head was confiscated.

Another driver reported a panda-costumed rider earlier in the summer, saying the biker’s vision appeared to be obstructed and he was weaving through traffic and riding with no hands. Later this summer, dispatchers saw the same rider on traffic cameras on Interstate 394 and alerted state troopers.

The biker told officials he did it because he wanted videos of him riding in costume to go “viral.” He was wearing the panda head over his helmet. Law enforcement reminds you to make sure they can see and be seen, and that a panda head is no substitute for a Department of Transportation-approved helmet.

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