Thanks to blogger ‘Anonymous’ who submitted the following comment regarding the North Spokane corridor:

I’m in Hillyard and I drove it yesterday. Nice road and it will be cool when it’s done. Right now it pretty much goes from nowhere to nowhere. Once it links up to 395 I will probably use it quite a bit.

Well, maybe this will get others to use it in the meantime: It’s the live traffic camera page from the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center website. Scroll down under ‘Spokane County’ and you’ll find a newly-available camera labelled ‘NSC/Gerlach Rd.’ It confirms that things are slow up there so far. I’m not advocating that you speed or anything, but look at that wide open road. Wouldn’t it be nice to drive 60 miles per hour with no other cars around? Looks like another field trip is in the works for me.

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