If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you’ve probably seen the posts on the visit of Economist Dena Belzer to Spokane recently. SRTC partnered with the Spokane Regional Health District to bring Ms. Belzer here because she founded a consulting and research firm, Strategic Economics out of Berkely, CA, that specializes in helping local governments, community groups, developers, and non-profit organizations to understand the economic and development context in which they operate in order to take strategic steps towards creating high-quality places for people to live and work.

Ms. Belzer was here talk about transportation investments that could potentially improve the local economy. She addressed Urban Transportation Corridors (UTCs) specifically, and if they’re feasible for our region.
For a summary of her message(s) and thoughts regarding our region, continue reading through this blog.
You can also view the power point presentation here.

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