Go ahead, hack into their website. They don’t care. United Airlines is offering free frequent flier miles to would-be hackers who can crack their websites and mobile apps as part of a bug bounty program, according to Fortune Magazine.

But stay away from their airplane Wi-Fi or entertainment systems. In the new program’s rules, United Airlines threatens possible criminal or legal investigations for people who try to do so.

With the new hacker initiative, United joins tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft that welcome friendly hackers. The thought is that companies can reduce data breaches by rewarding hackers who find security holes in their technology. Airlines stores a huge amount of personal information that hackers would love to get their hands on.

Those who do find security holes in United Airlines’ websites and apps could get anywhere from 50,000 to 1,000,000 frequent flier miles depending on the severity of the vulnerabilities they unearth.

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