If you hadn’t noticed yet, work began yesterday to install a new “Hawk light,” similar to the one in the picture to the left, over Ruby Street at the intersection of Boone Avenue.
Also known as a “High Intensity
Activated Crosswalk,” the light is part of an ongoing pilot program to
test their effectiveness in various locations and traffic situations at improving pedestrian safety.
The HAWK signal will flash yellow when a pedestrian pushes the
signal button, change to solid yellow and then to solid red, which requires all
drivers to stop. Drivers can proceed when the red light starts flashing as long
as pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.

The pedestrian traffic between the university and
surrounding residential neighborhoods and the numerous retail businesses in the
area makes Ruby and Boone a good next location to test their effectiveness. New
residential and retail construction in the area will add to the foot and
bicycle traffic that already uses the retail corridor.

Construction of another HAWK light will begin next Monday at 18th Avenue and Grand Boulevard. 
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