Construction season is officially underway. That means you’re going to run into some delays if you don’t plan things out. Why should I care if you get stuck in traffic? Besides the fact that I feel your pain, it also costs all of us money and time everytime there’s a traffic jam. That’s why there are agencies like the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC) that have almost 100 live traffic cameras to monitor traffic and make sure things are moving smoothly.

The 2014 Spokane Regional Road Construction Map can help also. This year it’s got a new look. Because resources are tight, and times are changing, we opted to only do the map in an electronic format.  While that means no more paper map, it also means you no longer have to try to fold it up after using it. You can still take the map with you wherever you go on your smartphone or other handheld device though.

Another really cool thing about the map this year is that it’s interactive. Check it out here. Then find the area where you live or commute to see if there are any projects planned for it. You can also zoom on smaller “neighborhood level” projects that we couldn’t put on maps in the past because they were too small. And click on each project to read it’s description.

There are other things you can do with the map too so we made an infographic to let you know about all it’s capabilities. Click on the pic to see if full size. And give us feedback. We’re trying to decide whether to use this format in the future so let me know if you like it or otherwise.

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