This is your last reminder- this Thursday is the public meeting for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Why should you be intersted? Because when I’m out in the public talking to people, I hear TONS of comments on what streets need fixing or what new transportation facilities we should have. I of course come back and report those to the transportation planners I work with here and at other agencies, but it carries a lot more weight when coming from you.

So you should attend this meeting and look through our TIP. It’s includes all the projects and programs within Spokane County (SRTC’s planning area) that area jurisdictions plan to complete or implement in the next four years.

That means this is an opportunity for you to look through the list and make sure we’re planning for the projects that you think are most important because, after all, we ARE spending your tax dollars (and mine for that matter so let’s get this right).
The meeting is tomorrow, Sept. 20 from 4-6 p.m. It’s an open house format so you can come anytime between those hours. We’re located at 221 W. First ave., Suite 310. You have to take the elevator to the third floor because the escalator doesn’t go that high.

The TIP is located here if you want to do a little looking through it before coming to the meeting.

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