So if you’ve been reading this blog on any kind of regular basis at all, I’m going to assume you’re interested in transportation issues. Which means that we need you for the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC has three openings coming up for 2013 and we want to get them filled so that whomever joins us can start attending at the beginning of the new year.

The TAC is a citizen committee that provides transparency and a community perspective to the local transportation planning process. The TAC advises the SRTC Policy Board regarding plans, programs and activities to determine consistency with SRTC’s policies; makes recommendations on regional transportation policies; and tackles other activities as directed by the Board.

One very important thing- as a TAC member, you will be expected to serve as a kind of conduit for information between the Board and the public. That means you’ll hear about a project or program that SRTC is working on and take the information out to any other groups you are a member of (such as neighborhood councils, bicycling clubs, church groups, books clubs, etc.) and fill them in. The input you get will be passed back to the Board and considered public input. So you should feel comfortable speaking to people if you’d like to be a member.

We’re looking for a diverse team of TAC members. We’re looking for everyday people and those who represent groups such as people with disabilities, senior citizens, youth, the business and freight moving communities, traditional automobile users and advocates for non-motorized transportation or public transit.

The time commitment is manageable too. The TAC meets onces a month (the fourth Monday of each month) at 3 p.m. in the SRTC office at 221 W. First Ave. And the best part? I serve as the staff liaison to the Transportation Advisory Committee so you would work with me. While we make decisions that have a real impact on the community, the TAC group is fun and the meetings interesting. Plus you get to be the first to know about upcoming projects so you can wow friends and family with your transportation knowledge.

Okay, so have I talked you into it? Then hit this link that takes you to the TAC page of the SRTC website and start filling out the application. Or you can call or email me with any questions or to have an application mailed to you. You can get me at or (509) 343-6387. You’ve only got three weeks though so get going, the deadline is November 9.

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