Here is blogger Holly’s response to this thread yesterday: You’re acting like a little kid who sees a pretty pink bike she wants and is dreaming of Christmas Day. My advice is… Get a bike on Craigslist that is actually not a POS then paint it pink and have Hello Kitty decals added to it. If you spent that much on a used bike you’d have yourself a super sweet ride.

Besides that, you’re used to riding Giant Cooter (our Commute Trip Reduction bike), so this bike will not even begin to ride that nicely. Bottom Line… Friends don’t let friends buy bikes from Target (or any other variety store for that matter, including Costco.) 🙂

Okay, she’s got a point there; I’m like a crow with shiny objects. Sigh…

The back wheel on the Huffy is bent and since it’s a 15-year-old bike and a Huffy it’s not really worth paying to have it replaced. However, I do need something to ride, so I was thinking I should start looking around for a bike. And I was going to ask for opinions on what to get on this blog. That is, until I saw that beauty above.

That’s right folks, that’s a 1 speed women’s cruiser Hello Kitty bike. Only $369 at Target. It’s got alloy rims, a padded spring set, front and rear fenders, comes 85% assembled (how the &^%$# do they determine 85%???), and the best part; it’s hideously pink and has Hello Kitty all over it.

Being government employees, we don’t get Christmas bonuses, but if someone wanted to drop a hint to the boss about how I need a new ride to get to meetings it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all. I’ll see if I can return the favor at some point.

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