The trials and tribulations (and expenses) of owning a vehicle never seem to end. I had an incident recently where a local car wash damaged my car. The car wash owner is now refusing to fix it correctly, as he originally agreed to do, saying that I used the carwash incorrectly. Hmmm, that’s a new one by me.

So I contacted the dealership that had given me a coupon to get my car washed there in the first place. I wasn’t asking for anything, just wanted the manager to know that a business he is doing business with isn’t providing good customer service. To my surprise, the manager at Larry H. Miller Honda downtown said that, because they had given me the coupon, they would foot the bill to get the car fixed! Holy cow that’s some good customer service! Wasn’t expecting that at all but am mighty impressed.

Seems like customer service is dead these days, so I like to spread the word when I get good customer service. Especially because it is SO expensive to own and maintain a car and with the way the economy is these days many people are barely making ends meet without having to worry about paying for things like getting dents repaired.

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