Temporary improvements to the southbound Sullivan Road Bridge across the Spokane River are scheduled to begin in early January and wrap up by the end of February. Once completed, the improvements will allow City of Spokane Valley Public Works engineers to lift the bridge weight restrictions that have been in place since June.

The weight restrictions are in place to limit deterioration until the aging bridge can be replaced. Concerned about the impact of restrictions on local businesses that rely on the bridge for transporting heavy loads across the river, the Spokane Valley City Council authorized $358,000 for temporary improvements until funding can be secured for bridge replacement.

While construction is under way, traffic will be shifted onto the northbound bridge and reduced to one lane in each direction. About half the estimated $19.7 million needed for the replacement bridge has been received from federal sources and the state Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board. Additional funding sources are being sought to make up the balance.

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