Want to entertain an Uber driver? Or annoy them? Change your name every time you use the Uber app to call for a ride.

That’s what Northwestern University student Kavi O’Connor does. He’s used nom de plumes such as “Dequan Smallpox Randolph,” “Store Bought Eggplant Skin,” and “The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire,” among others- and none of it violates the Uber passenger code, according to Thrillist.

O’Connor documents the effect the names have on Uber drivers with videos (posted below), asking each driver if he’s in the right car, using a crazier name each time, including “Bill Of Rights,” “Genetically Speaking I’m Identical to a Bottle-Nosed Dolphin,” and “Johnathan Jacob Jingly Smith.”

While some drivers are entertained, understandably, others don’t appreciate the humor.

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