The City of Spokane and Spokane Transit Authority are teaming up to launch an analysis of transit opportunities in the downtown area- and they need your help.

The Downtown Transit Alternatives Analysis (DTAA) will assess existing downtown corridors for their potential for future transit investment and identify ways to enhance connectivity between key destinations. The result will be a recommended network of streets where enhanced transit service could be provided, the kind of service it could be–streetcar, electric trolleybus, bus or a combination of modes–and the costs.

And here’s where you come in: volunteers are needed to join the project’s ‘Sounding Board.’ This group will advise partners in this study on alternative route proposals, vehicle technologies, and economic development opportunities.

If you’re interested in being a member of the ‘Sounding Board,’ you have to complete an application by Dec. 10. You can get more information on this study, and an application, by clicking here.

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