Spokane Transit is teaming up with the City of Spokane to look at alternative transportation options for downtown Spokane. They’re kicking off a study very soon to study the area and its’ transportation needs, and wants your opinion.

The study area goes from Latah Creek and the river on the west side to Perry on the east and from Mission on the north to 14th Ave. on the south. As part of the study, a ‘sounding board’ will be assembled to provide feedback. The sounding board will be a group of people who have any kind of stake in the downtown area, whether they own businesses, shop there, use the park, work downtown, or even just come downtown to enjoy the nightlife. In order to be considered for the sounding board, you have to fill out an application. It’s not available at this time, but is expected to be online later this week or early next week. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you could start thinking of reasons you should be chosen for this group. As soon as I get the word, I’ll post a link.

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