SRTC recently conducted an evaluation of our current methodology for projecting and allocating future employment and housing inventories. These allocations are intended to project growth region-wide, and are used in our Travel Demand Model that shows how the regional transportation system is being used today and predict how it will be used in the future. That information is then used for traffic studies, corridor analysis and more.

Dr. Michael Clay conducted the review of SRTC’s current allocation methodologies. Dr. Clay holds a PhD in Transportation Technology and Policy and is with the Urband and Regional Planning Program at Brigham Young University. He specializes in assisting mid-sized MPOs evaluate their current methods and understand strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions. This evaluation will help us understand how our current process aligns with best practices nation-wide.

Dr. Clay presented his findings in August 2018. The presentation and results can be viewed here, followed by Q&A from audience members made up of regional and state-wide stakeholders.

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