Congratulations to our Transportation Planner Ryan and all SRTC staff who put time and effort into our Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), Horizon 2040, in 2012 and 2013. The plan is being recognized with a 2014
Joint Planning Award!

year, the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association (WA-APA) and
the Planning Association of Washington (PAW) recognize outstanding
contributions to the field of planning in Washington State with the Joint
Awards Program. The program is designed to celebrate
exemplary planning efforts and promote superior quality planning in government
and the private sector. Because it is a new approach to transportation planning
for the Spokane area, SRTC submitted Horizon
for consideration for an award this year and received one for the
“Transportation Plans” category.
Horizon 2040 is a long-term,
multimodal “blueprint” for transportation aimed at meeting the mobility needs
of the area through the year 2040. It is based on projections for growth in population,
housing and jobs and takes into consideration every mode of transportation,
such as private vehicles, public transit, bicycling, walking, freight movement,
rail and air travel. 
What’s different about Horizon 2040 from
previous local long-range transportation plans is that it is a proactive effort
at enhancing the quality of life for the region. By better coordinating
projects and more selectively determining how transportation funds will be
distributed, as detailed in Horizon 2040,
we will have less congestion in our area, better connectivity between
transportation modes, a positive impact on economic development and an overall
better transportation system in the decades to come.
plan is important to the region because it sets goals, based on public input,
as to how the transportation system will develop in the next 20-plus years,”
says Kevin Wallace, Executive Director at SRTC. “This document will also help
us measure our success, as it includes strategies to reach those goals. This is
not a document that will just sit on
a shelf.”
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