If you’re one of SRTC’s many ‘groupies,’ here’s something you may be interested in. We’re holding our second annual Board retreat next Thursday, Oct. 8. Because that’s the day of our usual monthly Board meeting, we’ll get the meeting out of the way in the morning, then move on to other retreat items such as policy, visioning, and interlocal agreements. I know, all rivetting stuff.

The meeting is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Bear Creek Lodge on Mt. Spokane. That’s the first lodge (formerly Kirk’s) by the tubing hill. Because this is an open meeting, anyone from the public is welcome to attend, although participation will be limited to Board and staff members.

SRTC will be providing a light breakfast and lunch for Board members, but will not be able to feed observers. There is a restaurant at the lodge though. And one more warning, there isn’t any cell phone service at the lodge, so don’t plan to text, chat, or tweet while there.

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