Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
North-south road projects urgent

When I moved to Spokane almost 30 years ago there was a big debate going on over a north-south freeway. Some people fought it tooth and toenail, so the project was postponed – and postponed – and postponed, and with each postponement the cost went up until now the cost is astronomical. Now I think I see the same thing happening with the Bigelow Gulch project.

I have to drive that route several times a week, year-round, and I have seen the traffic getting heavier and heavier. Sooner or later the project is going to have to be done, and later it is going to cost far more than it would now, so those who are fighting it are only costing all of us, first of all for lawyers to defend the project and secondly for higher cost of construction.

Sure, it will probably help change the complexion of the community of Orchard Prairie, but that is going to happen anyway as the whole area around Spokane continues to grow, so come on, folks, get out of the way and let this needed work get done as soon as possible.

Claire Boulton
Spokane Valley

What do you think about the Bigelow Gulch expansion? Is it much-needed, or a good way to ruin a community?

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