Fall street sweeping gets under way in Spokane Valley this week. Wweeping will be conducted during daylight hours in Fall Sweeping Priority Zones 1 and 2 and will continue until those roadways are completed, weather permitting.
Priority zones are outlined on the Fall Sweeping Service Area Map online at www.spokanevalley.org. Go to the Public Works Department web page and selecting the “Street Maintenance” link, where you’ll also find a link to the map and more detailed information.

In addition to improving storm drain function, annual fall street sweeping provides other important benefits:

• Enhances safety by reducing standing water in the roadway, which can pose a driving hazard.
• Avoids deterioration of the roadway caused by standing water, and helps save road maintenance costs.
• Improves vehicle traction by removing heavy accumulation of leaves from the roadway.
• Reduces pollutants in surface water, groundwater, and air.
• Reduces costs for maintaining storm drainage by keeping excess debris out of the system.
• Extends the functional life of the storm drain system

To help crews complete street sweeping, residents are encouraged to keep vehicles, trailers and portable basketball hoops out of the right of way while sweeping is under way. It is also important to trim vegetation back and out of the right of way, and to trim overhanging branches to at least 14 feet above the public street.

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