A Spokane Valley north-south corridor will go on a “diet” next year. According to the Spokane Valley Herald, the Spokane Valley City Council last week approved the city’s Transportation Improvement Program, which included reducing McDonald north of Sprague from four lanes to two with a center turn lane in 2016. The approval came despite one council member’s objections to the planned road diet. Ed Pace says the roadway is two busy as four lanes to be reduced to two.

The roadway will remain four lanes south of Sprague, and bike lanes will be added. Councilman Bill Gothmann countered saying, at 20,000 cars a day on McDonald, capacity shouldn’t be a problem. Deputy Mayor Arne Woodard said he generally shares Pace’s disdain for the two-lane roadways – but said he agrees it’s a good idea on McDonald north of Sprague due to the abundance of multi-family housing in the area and pedestrians.

The council received a grant for the work, expected to cost around $574,000.

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