The makeover of Spokane Transit’s downtown Plaza building is finished and is quite a change. Among some of the changes, as reported in today’s Spokesman-Review:

  • The Sprague Avenue windows and doors have been expanded to provide better views of arriving buses and loading areas from inside.
  • New real-time electronic displays let riders know when their buses will arrive and leave.
  • A large map of the STA system is mounted on the south elevator wall to help riders navigate to various parts of the STA service area.
  • Riders can see all of the bus loading areas from inside the waiting area.
  • Restrooms were relocated to the Wall Street side from the second floor.
  • The remodel included new ceiling treatments and flooring.
  • The Pizza Rita was moved to the main floor next to the existing Subway sandwich shop.
  • Artist Ken Spiering designed new artwork on the east side of the elevators but the cougar statues used since the Plaza first opened have been re-incorporated into the building.
  • Customer service was moved to the main floor. It is joined with the security desk below the escalators.
  • Two new bus pass machines are being installed. There are also two change machines so riders can get the exact fare.
  • Joe’s Mini-Mart is moving to the first floor later this spring.
  • Metro PCS has a first-floor kiosk.
  • The second-floor rotunda space was enclosed with glass walls and doors and will be used in the future for community events, job fairs or art shows.

Photos of some of the changes can be seen at the link above.

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