Transportation is a HUGE contributor to air pollution, whether from tailpipe emissions, dust from the sand used to make roads less slick in the winter, or dust from unpaved roads. That’s why SRTC works very closely with the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency.

Like many government agencies, Spokane Clean Air uses an Advisory Council or committee to provide transparency to their processes. They’re now looking to fill a “Citizen
Representative” position on its 9-member, volunteer Advisory
Council.  Residents of Spokane County who are interested in air
quality are encouraged to apply. 

To apply, submit a letter of
interest, including relevant experience, by 4:30 p.m., on November 15,
2015, to:

Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency
Attn: Julie Oliver, Executive Director
3104 E. Augusta Avenue
Spokane, WA   99207

Members of the Advisory
Council are appointed to 4-year terms by Spokane Clean Air’s Board of
Directors. Members meet on the fourth Thursday of each month, from 8-9
a.m., to advise and consult with Spokane Clean Air staff, Executive
Director and Board of Directors, in their mission to protect, enhance and
preserve Spokane County’s air resources. Here’s more info on the Council.
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