·         1ST Avenue from Erie Street to Altamont Street- Work from this project from last year has resumed on 1st
Avenue from Helena to Altamont Street.  Traffic impacts are minimal.  This project is a pavement preservation project with ADA ramps,
striping, and pavement work.
Bridge Inspections- Cliff Avenue Bridge and 9th Avenue Bridge will be
inspected Friday, March 25 at the south end of Ben Garnett way, 8 a.m. to
2p.m. Work will begin southbound on the curb lane and move to the outside
lane.  Work will begin northbound first on Cliff Avenue and then move to 9th
Ave Bridge.

Hartson Avenue from Altamont Street to Fiske Street-  Work has begun between Smith Street and Altamont Street on this project carried over from last year. 
Access will be limited.This project includes full depth roadway section of traveled
way, fill sidewalk gaps, replace curbing where needed and install ADA curb
ramps. The project will also include replacement of water lines.
Havana Street Improvements from Glenrose Road to 37TH Avenue- Work on Havana Street resumes Monday, March 28 and requires a full closure of the street.Improvements
include full width pavement replacement, complete sidewalk gaps and pilot
project porous asphalt bicycle lanes.This project will also include
installation of a water transmission main between 37th
Avenue and the Brown Park reservoirs at 57th Avenue.
Indiana Avenue from Dakota to Perry Street- The water department is conducting pre-construction work along
this project. Indiana will have temporary closures at times with a detour
route during this scheduled work.This project includes curb ramps, storm swales, new curb,
waterline replacement, signal installation work and some parking removal.
Monroe Street- Work resumes March 28 on Monroe Street from 4th Ave south to 8th Ave.  Monroe Street will be closed to thru traffic.
o   Work begins at  7a.m. in both Lincoln and Monroe Streets
o   Lincoln will be re-striped to accommodate two-way traffic
o   After restriping is complete, mid day, Monroe Street will close
o   The signal at 4th and Monroe will shut down at this time
o   The on ramp for eastbound traffic at Monroe will remain open for the first two weeks of the project
o   Traffic exiting Maple Street eastbound will be detoured off of 4th at Jefferson Street
o   In two weeks, the eastbound on ramp will close for two weeks for work across the ramp, when complete (approx two weeks) the ramp will open again
o   The alternative route during the Lincoln Monroe Project is the converted two-way traffic on Lincoln.  This is for local access and access to businesses. 
o   The official detour route is Stevens and is clearly marked
o   Alternative routes are not clearly marked as they are local and business access routes
o   Due to some work in 4th Ave at the start of the project Lincoln will be inaccessible from Monroe on 4th during the first few weeks.  
o   During that phase, Lincoln will be accessible via 3rd to Wall then back from the east on either 4th or 5th.  This will be during the work in the Monroe/4th intersection and 4th Ave. which should last about 3 weeks. 
This project reconstructs the roadway from 8th to 2nd Avenue and installs storm water and water facilities.  The portion of this project that reconstructed the street from 2nd to 4th Avenues is substantially complete.
·    – Piersol Construction will close Havana St. between 23rd
and 24th from 03/25 to 04/01 for sewer work.- Graham Construction & Management will close Washington
(100% to include street and sidewalks) between Maxwell & Indiana on 03/26
for water work.
     – H & S Construction to close 50% of Hartson between
Government Way and Substitute St. from 03/24 to 03/28 for water work.
     – SDS Construction will be closing the sidewalk, parking lane and
2 meters on the south side of Sprague between Washington & Bernard from
03/21 to 04/01 for sidewalk repairs.
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