Ever get to your bus stop and you’re not really sure if you missed your bus, and if so, when the next one will be there? Wonder no more. Spokane bus riders can now use real-time bus tracking that shows when the next bus will arrive at a particular stop.

An article in today’s Spokesman-Review says you can track your bus by computer or on your smartphone at spokanetransit.com/betatripplanner. Each bus and bus stop has its own unique number. Buses are tracked by GPS. Maps on the website show the progress of each bus. Highlight boxes give estimates of the buses’ progress in real time.

This will be especially useful during winter storms when buses often fall behind schedule. The information can be used to reduce waiting time for bus passengers in bad weather. In the future, STA will get new electronic reader boards at the Plaza that will tell riders when their bus will pull into its loading zone.

The $4.9 million smart bus technology was funded in part with $2.2 million in federal congestion mitigation grants distribute by SRTC.

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