A young man I know recently told me about some of the things he saw while in Iraq recently. It was pretty horrific. He’s 23 years old and extremely poised, well spoken and devoted to what he does. When I was 23, I was devoted to drinking beer. When I think of veterans, I think of those from the baby boomer generation. That’s no longer the case.

So on Veteran’s Day on Tuesday, Nov. 11, thank the Veterans in your life, young and old. SRTC will be open that day but many government offices will not. Here’s a list of closures I’ve seen:
  • Spokane County offices will be closed 
  • Spokane Valley offices will be closed
  • City of Spokane offices will be open
  • SRTC will be open

Also, parking meters don’t have to be plugged on Tuesday.  

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