As part of development of our Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Horizon 2040, We’ve been having a series of discussions about the transportation needs of all SRTC’s members. The overall theme is the same- EVERYONE needs money for transportation fixes and improvements, but after that the needs vary. The WSDOT needs funds to complete the North Spokane Corridor. The City of Spokane and Spokane County have lots of maintenance and preservation that needs done. Spokane Valley needs a bridge over the river at Sullivan. And the smaller, outlying towns need more transportation options just to get people to goods and services.

So it was fitting yesterday when a colleague sent me this article on “Metropollyanna.” Not familiar with the term? Neither was I. It’s the belief that eventually everyone will move to the city and live happily ever after. And while a lot of the discussions we’ve had with planners, transportation providers, politicians, etc. have ended with “…they’re just going to have to move closer if they want to be able to access those services,” rural housing supporters disagree.

The folks at the Rooflines blog say they believe social service and safety net programs exist to help people wherever they happen to be and that Metropollyanna interferes with the liberty of rural Americans by expecting them to choose between their lifestyle and decent, affordable housing.

Here’s their argument why removing people from rural communities, even poor ones, would affect the preservation of the cultural and environmental diversity of America. What do you think?

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