Crews reconstructing Sprague Avenue between Evergreen Road and Sullivan Road in Spokane Valley encountered an unexpected situation that will change the order of the construction phases and extend the project’s completion date from mid-August to late August.

Crews uncovered a natural gas line that was too shallowly buried, leaving it vulnerable to damage that could result in a leak or rupture of the line. The City is collaborating with Avista to have the line relocated to the appropriate depth before proceeding with paving,

To allow for that work to be completed, and to complete the project as soon as possible, the order of the last two phases of construction on this project is being reversed. The south side of Sprague between the 14900 block and Evergreen will be reconstructed between mid-July and early August. Construction on the north side of that same stretch is expected to start around early August, with the entire project wrapping up in late August.

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