Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
City’s road response refreshing

On Sept. 17 I sent an e-mail to Mayor Mary Verner titled “Concerned Five Mile Resident.” I invited the mayor to drive Strong Road that stretches across Five Mile Prairie. I wanted her to get firsthand experience of how narrow, bumpy and, I believe, dangerous this road is for the Five Mile community.

I received a telephone call from the mayor’s office just two days later inquiring about my availability for a ride-along with city officials. I jumped at the chance! On Oct. 16, Ted Danek, city administrator, Gerald Gemmill, deputy director, and Mark Serbousek, director of the street department, met me for a ride-along on Five Mile’s Strong Road. Though the drive only lasted a few minutes, I felt privileged to have the undivided attention of three city officials. They listened to my concerns and noticed the many improvements that needed to be made to the high-traffic Strong Road.

Within a week I received a call from Ted Danek informing me that I should see some work done on two of Strong Road’s biggest dips. Two days later they were completed. I want to thank Mr. Danek, Mr. Gemmill and Mr. Serbousek for the improvements to Strong Road.

Rebecca R. Selby

We don’t see enough favorable letters to the editor concerning transportation in our area. Anyone else have a shout-out they’d like to post? I personally would like to thank Mark Curtis, the Customer Service Manager at the STA Plaza for all the help he provided us recently on an event SRTC was co-hosting.

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