I know, this isn’t within Spokane County but there are plenty of folks recreating in North Idaho that I thought it was okay to post here tht the long-awaited and highly anticipated opening of the Sand Creek Byway is set for tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Crews will prepare the road and remove barriers for northbound traffic on the roadway by about 8:30 a.m. By 9 a.m., north- and southbound lanes of traffic are expected to be open.

Crews will then turn attention to the bike and pedestrian trail along Sand Creek. Everything is expected to be open for use by mid-afternoon.

The Byway, in conjunction with other important roadway improvements, will maximize mobility and provide a safe, long-term solution to traffic-congestion problems in the Sandpoint area, including a non-stop, through-town corridor for commercial truck traffic.

Construction started on the Byway in 2008.

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