Apparently residents leaving their sprinkler systems on is causing trouble for drivers, because I just got this news release from the City of Spokane:

With unseasonably cold weather continuing today, City Street Department crews are asking property owners to turn off their sprinklers and sprinkler systems to avoid creating icy spots on City streets.

With the ground frozen, the water from sprinklers is running into the street and freezing in many locations, causing potential traffic hazards.

The City’s Water Department, meanwhile, recommends that citizens drain all underground irrigation systems now to avoid frozen sprinkler pipes and broken sprinkler heads. The Water Department also suggests other water-related preparatory steps for winter:

Make sure water pipes in unheated parts of your home, including crawl spaces, are insulated.
Seal all openings in the basement around the foundation, windows, and doors.
Insulate around pipes in your basement that are close to windows.
Advise all household members where the main water shutoff valve is located in case of emergency.

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