You may experience some delays if you drive near the construction site for the Combined Sewer Overflow project construction near
Monroe and Post Street
. Due to large rocks underground, rock blasting will begin Monday, May 9 and last for approximately
two to four weeks. Cars and pedestrians
will be stopped from entering near the excavation location for up to 10
minutes at a time when blasting is underway. 
There will be flaggers on site to control traffic and signs and traffic control devices will alert drivers about the upcoming work.
Before the controlled blasting
begins, there will be a series of whistles as follows:
(5) long air horn signals to indicate five (5) minutes until the blast
short air horn signals to indicate one (1) minute until the blast
the blast occurs
(1) long air horn signals to indicate that the area is clear
It is anticipated
that there will not be any notable vibrations that will occur as a result of
the blasting.  Due to the drilling work for the rock excavation, it is
anticipated that the noise level may be slightly higher than normal in the

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