Freeway and Highway Sweeping- Be alert for slow
moving sweeping operations on most highway routes, especially in the Spokane
metro area.  Sweepers and/or water flushing trucks followed by warning
vehicles will be moving slowly along highway shoulders. On multi-lane
freeways and divided highways, sweeping may be taking place on the inside
shoulder along the left lane.

North Spokane Corridor/Francis Avenue Bridge and
Intersection Improvements-
 The right turn lane
for southbound traffic on Freya Street is closed to construct the
new roadway at the northwest corner.  All traffic movements are allowed, but the right turn onto westbound Francis Avenue needs to be done
from the through lane. This configuration will be in place through late
April, and will be restored once the asphalt paving is completed at this


Ave. from Seehorn to Lake Rd. –
The eastbound lane will be closed from 7:30 a.m. until
3:00 p.m. Monday, April 7 through Friday, April 11 for utility work. Flaggers will
direct traffic through the work area.

Parkway between Pinecroft and Mansfield
– Expect 2- to 3-minute closures of
the southbound lane on Mondays through Thursdays from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for
utility work beginning Monday, April 7 continuing through Thursday, April
24.  You may wish to use
alternative routes.

Francis Ave. from Division to Crestline- 
This project will rehabilitate Francis Avenue
from Division to Crestline Streets.  The work is curb to curb and includes
installation of ADA curb ramps, where needed.

Regal Street and Palouse Highway Intersection- Regal Street and the Palouse Hwy. Intersection will
have traffic disruptions starting Monday, April 7 in preparation for
construction of a new traffic signal and street upgrades. The first phase begins Monday, April 14 with minor traffic impacts for the construction
of a temporary detour to the west for Regal Street traffic. This work requires sidewalk closures, lane closures, and other minor temporary
traffic revisions. This will also include at times, no direct access
to the existing parking lot for the Park on the west side of this

o   Starting
Sunday Night, April 13 at 7 p.m., the contractor will start the second phase which
will include major traffic impacts at this intersection.  Regal Street
traffic will be re-routed to the new temporary roadway alignment to the
west.   This temporary roadway will allow for northbound and
southbound thru movement at Palouse Hwy and access to the existing parking lot
on the west side to southbound traffic only.  This new alignment
will include curves with an advisory speed of 20 MPH in the construction
zone.  Traffic using the new temporary roadway will have no direct
access to Palouse Hwy. 
o   The
Palouse Hwy will be closed to all traffic just east of Regal Street and will
have no direct access to Regal Street. The traffic control will maintain
local driveway access to all businesses that use Palouse Hwy between Regal
Street and Freya Street. All Palouse thru traffic will be re-routed using
established marked detours starting at the intersection of Palouse Hwy and
Freya Street.
Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Sewer Rehab Project- Installation of a pipe
liner to rehabilitate sanitary sewer pipes at various locations around town is
underway at the following locations:
o   Work
on Helena from Rowan south to Crown Avenue, near Whitman Elementary started Friday, April 4 and includes the closure of the intersection at Rowan and Helena.  Work continues through April 11.
o   Work
in the residential area on one block of Crestline Street north of Upriver Drive
to North Crescent began April 3 with the street closed April 4 to accommodate the scheduled work.
o   Work
at the intersection of Illinois and Crestline will impact traffic beginning through Sunday, April 6.  

Francis and Freya Intersection Work- A
signal removal and replacement will occur at the Francis/Freya intersection
with construction continuing for approximately one month.  Flagging at the
intersection will occur between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  The dedicated right
turn lane will be closed for southbound traffic on Freya Street in order to
construct the new roadway at the northwest corner.  All traffic movements
will still be allowed.   The right turn onto westbound Francis
Avenue will be routed from the through lane. This configuration remains in place approximately one month or until paving is complete. 
Chandler Watermain Work- Construction of a new 42 inch diameter water main begins on Chandler from 8th to
7th Avenue, on 8th from Chandler to Cowley, and on Cowley
from 7th to 8th Avenue.  Cowley is closed until April 11.  Weather conditions may
cause delays.
Monroe from Broadway to Mallon- The northbound
outside lane on Monroe Street from Broadway Avenue to Mallon
Avenue will be closed April 7 through April 9.  
Boone Street from Ash to Cedar- The eastbound outside lane on West Boone Street from North Ash to North Cedar will
be closed  for Avista utility Pole work. 
31st Avenue between Division and Tekoa- Closed  through Wednesday,
April 9th for a private sewer line
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