I’ve heard a few people complaining about the 11.5 cent gas tax increase recently signed into law in Washington. People are always going to complain when things cost them more. But this might make you feel a little better. Maybe. A new report suggests that Hawaii raise it’s gas tax- by 400%. Yes, you read that right.
Hawaii drivers already pay the fourth highest gasoline taxes in the country. According to Hawaii News, a consulting firm hired to look at ways to reduce the amount of fuel used by 385,000 gallons a year, came up with one suggest to raise the gas tax 85 cents per gallon!

It’s just one of 11 proposals the firm came up with to reach the miles driven reduction goals and they say it would definitely discourage driving.

The state has sent the report to dozens of energy executives, state officials, regulators and other stakeholders. If there’s a lot of support for a gas tax plan, it could become a part of the state’s energy policy. But officials said that’s still a long way off and state lawmakers have indicated that they don’t seem to think it’s realistic.

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