Legal Disclaimer: This pothole is merely a depiction of a
pothole, not necessarily a Spokane Valley pothole.

Spokane Valley is asking for your help to fill the potholes appearing as a result of the winter freeze/thaw
cycle. The Public Works Department
wants you report potholes in your area by calling 921-1000 or go online to and
select the “Report a Pothole” link. Scroll to the “Create a new C.A.R.E.S Request” and select the
“Report a Pothole” link from the Public Works options listed.
You will be directed to the online form.

sure to provide the following information:
  • Location of the pothole – a street address closest to
    the pothole, or a description that includes the name of the street,
    nearest cross streets, side of the street (north, south, east, west) and
    the lane in which the pothole can be found (northbound, southbound,
    eastbound, westbound, curbside, turn lane, etc.);
  • The size or severity of the pothole;
  • Any additional information that may help fix it.
  • If you wish to be contacted about your report, please
    provide your name and an email address or daytime telephone number where
    you can be reached.
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