Our transportation planner Mallory outdid herself yesterday finding me cool stuff for the blog. I’d like to start with a sampling of photos from an awesome Tumblr compilation of planners pointing, because pointing is apparently an integral part of planning, no matter what kind you’re doing.

 It gets better though, as Mallory has been good enough to include some pictures from our own collection, posted below. To see the entire compilation (minus our pics unfortunately) go to the link above.

 This one to the left is from when we were working on our “Transportation Vision” project a couple years ago. This was a consultant hired  to get input on transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities, if I remember right. To the right is our Board member Joe Tortorelli and an unidentified attendee at a public meeting for the West Plains/Spokane International Airport Transportation Study at the Northern Quest Casino (great place to have a public meeting by the way!)

 And to the left is another consultant at a meeting to debut the game developed to get feedback for the Vision project. Jeez, I’m seeing the last eight years of my life flash before my eyes looking at some of these pictures. There’s been a lot of planning and a lot of meetings over the eight years I’ve been at SRTC!

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