We never want to get to this point.
Say “Washington State” and many people think of Seattle
and the long traffic waits the west side is known for. On this side of the
state, we don’t have traffic congestion like that. And we want to keep it that
way.  So we’ve been working on an update to the Congestion Management Process (CMP) for the past year-and-a-half. 
The CMP is an
approach for managing congestion that monitors transportation system
performance and assesses alternative strategies to managing congestion (other
than building new lanes and roads). 
Now we’re looking for input from the
public on whether the corridors listed as congested in the CMP, and the
strategies to deal with that congestion, are accurate portrayals of what’s
really happening in our area. And if they will help prevent congestion from growing in the future. 
You can review the CMP here. There’s also information there on how to submit comments, so let us know your thoughts.
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